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At Sentinel Student Accommodation, we understand that university life is about more than just academics. It’s about building a community, growing personally, and having a safe, supportive environment to thrive in. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Sentinel Student Life Program, designed to create a haven where students can connect, learn, and grow together.

For only R200, students can subscribe to our Social Life Program and gain access to an incredible array of exclusive events and activities, including:

Bible Study: Join fellow students for inspirational sessions.
Live Sports Viewing: Cheer for your favorite teams together.
Fun Activities: Participate in cooking classes, social get-togethers, welcome parties, and movie nights.
Gentleman’s Club: Engage in sessions focused on personal growth, leadership, and camaraderie.
Mental Health Fellowship Groups: Find support and share experiences.
Guest Speaker Events: Gain insights into wellness and personal development.
Poetry Nights: Express yourself through words.
Community Service Outreach: Give back to the community.
Women’s Day Appreciation Event: Celebrate and honor women.
Boot Camp: Join our outdoor gym activities.
Sip and Paint Party: Unleash your creativity.
Nature Hikes: Explore the great outdoors.
Cultural Awareness Events: Celebrate diversity.
Halloween Scavenger Hunt & Party: Get spooky with fellow students.
Exam Care Packages: Receive thoughtful packages during exam periods.
Talent Show: Showcase your unique talents.
Soccer Match Day: Enjoy a day of friendly competition.
Ambassador’s Program: Lead and inspire others.

By subscribing, you’ll also receive a branded T-shirt and bucket hat to show off your membership pride!



Balanced nutrition is essential for maintaining focus and energy during your studies. Sentinel Student Accommodation is proud to partner with Orange Restaurant to offer healthy, nutritious meals prepared by professional chefs.

Students can subscribe to receive between 3 to 5 meals per week (Monday to Friday), delivered directly to their accommodation building on Orient Street, Francis Baard Street, or Arcadia Street. Each meal includes a balanced portion of protein, starch, and vegetables, ensuring you get the nourishment you need without the hassle of cooking.

By subscribing to our meal plan, you can focus on what matters most – your studies – while we take care of your dietary needs.

Encourage yourself or your fellow students to sign up for this convenient service and make the most of your university experience with Sentinel Student Accommodation.

Student Life Program

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Our Student Life program is very well received and enjoyed by our current students. It is a wonderful way to connect with like-minded students, make new friends and have fun! For only R200 you can sign up for all the events for the year!

View all the events, simply sign up to the student life program by completing the form on this page, and click here to reserve your space!